"Contrary to myth, great promotions do not begin in smoke-filled rooms with corporate executives in animated conversation," William Davidow said in Marketing High Tehnology. "Rather, they are conceived in the market place. They derive from a clear understanding of customer needs and emerge into the world as words. Initially, the words may be tortured, but with hours of long work they become great copy - copy that expresses, with eloquent simplicity, the focal point ... copy that captures people's hearts, minds, and imaginations."

Creating clear messages of value

In telling your story to key stakeholders, we aim for clarity above all. Our goal is to be understood by your target audiences. To gain the support of investors and others, your messages must educate, inform and explain.

Clients rely on Johnson Strategic to develop clear communications:

   • Crafting key messages for use across communication channels
   • Writing articles, news releases, websites, annual reports, white papers
   • Tailoring content to the medium - print, Web or video scripts
   • Coordinating "words" with graphic & photo content for a meaningful whole
   • Presenting financial or technical information in plain English
   • Identifying & emphasizing the information that really drives value

In 35-plus years of writing professionally, we've come to believe the critical skill of a writer is listening. Johnson Strategic works closely with your team to hear and then deliver your message clearly, accurately and persuasively.