“Managers in public companies frequently underestimate – at their peril – the function of the press in their financial communications," Gregory S. Miller wrote in the Harvard Business Review. "Cultivating these fundamental relations with the press is often the first step in creating understanding and visibility among investors and analysts.”

Being strategic in the media & online

The changing world of media and web communication poses a challenge. Your business faces a strategic imperative to figure out where your audiences are and how best to reach them amid all the new channels and technologies.

Johnson Strategic believes media interactions - from old-fashioned public relations to 21st Century social media - must serve your business goals. Your communication strategy shouldn't chase fads or be driven by buzzwords.

With in-depth experience in the news business, as well as writing for the web and using social media, we understand working with the media and opinion leaders. Johnson Strategic can help you navigate this world:

• Strategizing on media & web approaches
• Integrating print, online & social media opportunities
• Developing key messages & tactics
• Targeting specific media & writers to engage
• Dealing with trade & financial publications
• Writing news releases, web content & supporting materials
• Implementing media contacts & follow-through

Good media and web relations strengthen your relationships with customers, investors and employees. We work proactively to help propel your business success - and react swiftly to address emerging communication challenges.