"Many companies take a tactical, short-term approach to communicating with key constituencies, which is not only nonstrategic but may be inconsistent with the corporate strategy or even impede it," Paul Argenti, Robert Howell & Karen Beck wrote in the
MIT Sloan Management Review. "Companies that continue to take a laissez-faire approach to communication will find it increasingly difficult to compete."

Putting the strategic in communications

When "we need to get the word out" describes a strategic imperative in your organization, the solution may or may not be "let's issue a press release." Too often, even top business leaders equate communication tactics with strategy.

Our view is that PR and IR activities without good planning lead to confusion and waste of resources. We urge companies, large or small, to develop clear communication strategies - and to execute those plans for maximum benefit.

Johnson Strategic starts an engagement by asking strategic questions. Situations vary, but we always try to begin with the big picture:

So is the best communications strategy social media? An event or roadshow? Media relations? Conference call? Nothing at all? It depends.

Bottom line: Effective communication engages the right audiences with the right messages and the right tactical steps. This is how we counsel our clients.